Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Year in Review...(New Braunfels Photographer)

I can't believe that this year has come and gone so quickly. I remember as a kid it was always so slow and school just kept going on and on but as an adult it just passes by so incredibly fast! As a parent of two very active girls, I just keep telling myself to stop and enjoy every little thing we do as a family and all the little and big accomplishments the girls do because in only 8 short years our oldest will be headed to crazy to think about! 

But back to was an incredible year for Caressa Captures and for our family. I had a record amount of sessions, got to meet many new families and saw my "regulars" and how big the kids have grown and welcomed many new babies into this world. I started offering Fresh 48 hospital pictures (which are one of my favorite sessions) and now these are a big request!  As for our family, we had an awesome family summer trip where we explored a new area of the US (The Grand Circle), the girls are continuing to move up levels in gymnastics and we found a new home church. 
Life just can't get much better it seems! 

Enjoy the 2015 video is one picture from every session 
Caressa Captures had this year! 
Happy New Year and Have a Blessed 2016! 

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